Best Apps for Diabetes Care

photo of woman using a smartphoneAt Bridgeway Senior Living we love hearing about new advancements in diabetes care. Type 2 diabetes is increasingly common among seniors. If diabetics don’t control their blood sugar, they become at risk of serious complications.

With all the technological advancements of recent years, the right lifestyle choices—eating the right foods, exercising, and maintaining a healthy weight—are still the best way to manage your diabetes. There are now a plethora of smartphone applications to help you with that. Here’s a roundup of 4 popular apps to help you keep your diabetes under control:


MySugr has several different apps that help you track, manage, and review your diabetes information. Created by diabetics, the app allows you to log and track your blood sugar and carbohydrate intake. There are a few different levels with the MySugr app, ranging from free to premium rates. There are many different ways to simplify your life with the app. For example, you can connect your compatible glucose meter to the app, so your blood sugar results go right into your log automatically. This is great for seniors who may be more prone to error when manually entering data on a smartphone.

BG Monitor

BG Monitor is a free app that logs your blood sugar and insulin levels. One major benefit to the app is that it can sync to your Google account, letting you save your stats for as long as you need. On the other hand, it doesn’t sync with glucose meters or insulin pumps. The app identifies trends in your blood glucose levels and lets you know if you need to adjust something. You can also quickly generate reports to share with your doctor or loved one.


Fooducate helps you monitor your carb intake, exercise, sleep schedule, and moods. The free app also acts as a weight loss coach by helping you choose the best foods for you. Using your smartphone, you can scan a food item’s barcode, and Fooducate will tell you how good—or bad—that food is for you. It will help you identify hidden sugars in any given product, and will direct you to healthier choices. The app also allows you to track your meals for better blood sugar monitoring.

Glucose Buddy

Glucose Buddy is another diabetes logger that keeps track of your blood sugar trends. It also tracks your blood pressure, insulin, weight, and A1C. There are two levels; free and premium. The free feature allows you to easily log your blood sugar, medications, and meals, and track your health trends. The app can also send you reminders to check your blood sugar and take your medication.

Do you use smartphone apps to help manage your diabetes? Which apps do you use? Let us know in the comments.