Best Ways to Have Fun with a Senior in an Assisted Living Facility

According to a recent study, the number of seniors living in assisted care facilities number over 700,000. If you have a family member living in one of these facilities, you can still have fun and meaningful times with them by visiting them on a regular basis and participating in activities that they like. It’s also important to make sure they still feel like a part of the family.

Take Part in a Shared Hobby

According to Bright Home Health, hobbies can help seniors avoid depression and lower their stress levels. When seniors partake in hobbies, they can stimulate their brains, which helps them concentrate. If they’re doing their hobbies with someone else, that’s even better because that forges deeper bonds and builds better relationships. That’s where you come in. Your loved one may have had hobbies like coin or stamp collecting before moving into the facility, so find out if you can continue those activities with them. Some of the common hobbies at assisted living facilities can include painting, photography, sculpting, and knitting so feel free to learn something new that you can share with your loved one.

Get Active with Them

Assisted living facilities usually provide exercise programs for seniors, which can include low-impact chair exercises and stretching activities. For more active seniors, the facilities may also offer yoga and tai chi classes. Even with these options, your senior may want to expand on the exercise activities they’d like to try. If they’re enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan like those provided by Aetna, they can have access to health and wellness programs that are geared specifically towards seniors. Getting involved in different exercise programs may also give you the opportunity to try new things.

Keep Them Involved

Now that your loved one is living apart from family, it can be easy for them to feel lonely. You can help to keep those feelings at bay by reminding them that they’re still apart of the family. Bring other family members with you whenever you visit and develop a schedule where you alternate with others. When planning your visit, plan carefully so you’ll be there when your senior is most alert. Be sure to bring activities like puzzles or old photos that everyone can have fun with. If it’s possible, maybe you can watch a movie as a family. Don’t forget about the holidays or their birthdays either. According to Daily Caring, you can decorate your loved one’s room together or attend assisted living functions with them.

Get Some Air

Just because your loved one is living in an assisted living facility doesn’t mean they have to spend every moment there. You can plan fun outdoor activities that can help them get some fresh air. By spending some time outside, your loved one will experience a drop in their stress levels, and they will be less prone to anxiety or depression; a few activities that you might enjoy together include gardening, bird watching, and having a picnic. If your loved one has limited mobility, gardening is still an option but they may also be interested in swimming and playing with a family pet. As long as you’re taking them outside, make sure they keep hydrated.

Staying connected with your loved ones when they’ve moved to an assisted living facility can have its challenges, but it’s rewarding to know how much it benefits them. Whenever possible, make sure to take part in the activities that they like and get the whole family involved. Things are likely to go more smoothly if you spread the activities throughout the family, and your loved one will likely appreciate seeing her family.

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