Bridgeway Celebrates National Skilled Nursing Care Week

Skilled nursing care is ever more important today, when around 15 percent of the population is over age 65. Skilled nursing care is high-level medical care provided by registered nurses and therapists. These services include physical therapy, wound care, IV therapy, and medical monitoring.

Who is Skilled Nursing Care for?

Patients who need short-term focused rehabilitation after an accident or injury receive skilled nursing care. Skilled nursing care is also given in long-term situations to residents who require oxygen or wound care. At Bridgeway Senior Living, we have a robust skilled nursing program available for residents with more complex medical needs.

What is National Skilled Nursing Care Week?

Sponsored by the American Health Care Association, NSNCW is a time to recognize and pay tribute to the devoted professionals who work in skilled nursing. It kicks off every year on Mothers’ Day, when residents, families, and staff join together to pay homage to mothers everywhere.

NSNCW: Celebrate Life’s Stories

NSNCW 2018 Web Header

The AHCA chose “Celebrating Life’s Stories” as this year’s skilled nursing care week. Each person has a unique story to tell, if you take the time to listen. Seniors in particular have seen a lot in their long lives, and have fascinating memories to share. Understanding how life’s events, relationships, and experienced have shaped who we are today can cultivate a shared sense of purpose in our community.

Join us in celebrating life’s stories this NSNCW. Visit us here at Bridgeway and share your story with us.