Giving Tuesday

open hands holding wildflowers to give as a gift.Every day is for gratitude, and every day is for giving.

But just like we dedicate a day to thankfulness every year, we can also celebrate an annual day of charitable giving. That’s what Giving Tuesday is all about.

The international day of giving comes on the heels of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, days of unbridled spending and commercialism. Thanksgiving, the holiday of gratitude, is often drowned out by marketing campaigns that tell you you’re missing out.

Giving Tuesday aims to temper the shopping frenzy by reminding us of the holiday season’s true purpose. It isn’t the gifts or the new gadgets you can buy that count, but whether or not you give back to others during this time.

Here are some ways you can give this Giving Tuesday:

Donate to your favorite charity

The easiest way to give is to donate funds to a charity close to your heart. Most charities allow you to donate online, so you can even give from the comfort of your own home.

Donate clothing or household items

When you realize you’re no longer wearing a particular piece of clothing, why not donate it? If you’re planning a move to a senior living community and need to seriously downsize your lifestyle, consider donating the household items you’re not going to keep. When donating the contents of your home, remember that if something is in terrible condition, the charity won’t want it either. You should only donate items that look or are new.

Donate your time

Volunteering can be very hard, but also very rewarding. Packing meals for home-bound individuals, reading to children at the city library, or serving the indigent at your local soup kitchen are all ways you can volunteer as a senior. You can also contact your local house of worship and offer to volunteer in any way you can.