Sudden Tiredness: What’s Making You Sleepy During The Day?

Do you ever feel tired during the day? like a sudden tiredness wave sweeps over you?

sleeping on desk over books

Some sources of tiredness can be traced to poor sleep or side effects of medications or depression, and these can explain when you’re too tired too often. But sometimes you just can’t figure it out. Nothing really changed in your schedule and all-of-a-sudden your eyes are closing.

Several factors can cause fatigue. This post will discuss three that you may want to consider.

But before, a word of caution: fatigue may indicate something more serious than just being tired. For example, it can be a symptom of a medical condition or have other medical significance. The same goes for how you decide to deal with it. Not all solutions may be right for your situation and condition. You should, therefore, discuss any sleep and fatigue issues with your doctor.


Yes boredom. When you you feel unproductive and nothing interests you during the day, guess what, your body reflects that. While this wouldn’t necessary hit suddenly, it can come at certain times of the day or week when you feel particularly bored. How about tracking the fatigue and adding some recreational activity to your day at the time it usually arrives. If the fatigue stops visiting, you may have your answer.


Not getting enough exercise can be another source of fatigue. While physical activity can make you tired, lack of it can do the same. If your not moving your body around enough, the sudden tiredness may be trying to tell you it’s time.

Eating Habits

Your eating habits may be affecting more than your waistline and hunger levels. What you eat or don’t plays a role in your energy levels. Speak to your doctor and a his or her recommended dietitian about which foods and nutrients to include in your diet and which to cut.

Do ever feel sudden tiredness?

What helps you feel more awake?

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