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Protect Your Parents: What You Need to Know About Elderly Fraud

Scamming the elderly is an up-and-coming source of income for criminals and hackers. As a matter of fact, a Bloomberg news report stated that elderly fraud is costing America’s seniors more than $36 billion per year. That’s ten times the net worth of Donald Trump. Fortunately, identifying these scams isn’t difficult once you know what…

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Including Loved Ones with Dementia in Family Events

June is here and that means weddings, graduations, commencements and a host of other happy events. If you have loved ones with dementia, though, the excitement can be mixed with a lot of apprehension. How can we successfully include them in all the excitement? Unfortunately, there are no easy answers. Alzheimer’s and dementia present differently…

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Lifestyle Changes for Chronic Venous Inefficiency

Is your loved one experiencing: swollen, itchy or cramped legs or ankles varicose veins blood clots open sores thick/hard skin on the legs or ankles If they are, they might be suffering from chronic venous inefficiency. What is chronic venous inefficiency? The purpose of the veins is to bring deoxygenated blood to the heart. The…

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Occupational Therapy for Dementia: Can It Help?

When most people think of occupational therapy (OT), they usually associate it with either children or stroke survivors. In recent years, though, occupational therapy for dementia patients has been gaining a lot of traction. And with good reason. Occupational therapists can make a huge difference in the quality of life for someone suffering from Alzheimer’s…

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Stroke Recovery: What Caregivers Should Expect

When a loved one suffers a stroke, the entire family’s world turns upside down. Suddenly the mother, father, sister, brother or spouse who gave so much is now the one in need of care. And the biggest question everyone has is: Will they recover? How much? How long will it take? Will they need to…

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Health Awareness is Hot in November

What are National Health Observances? There are many health conditions that touch millions of Americans every year. During National Health Observances, we dedicate specific days, weeks, or months to raise awareness about important health topics and bring them into the public discourse. Every month has a range of different health observances, and we talk about…

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