3 Ways To Turn Your Day Around

Things happen. Sometimes you like them more, sometimes less. But you’re pretty much guaranteed to have things happen throughout the day that get you down.

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Often, you may find yourself in a funk feeling pretty lousy. To make things worse, your whole day gets tainted by your mood, and from here on it’s a waste of an otherwise decent day.

So how can you turn your day around in such situations?

Here are 3 strategies.

Do Something you Enjoy

Doing something you enjoy is a great way to turn your day around. Instead of focusing on what’s going wrong, when you do enjoyable things your focus shifts to the positive.

This has the potential to interrupt the lousy spiral you find yourself in and get your mind away from there too.

Mindfulness Break

Mindfulness allows you to notice what’s going on internally. This is a different stance than the one that got you to the way you’re currently feeling. Through mindfulness, you may be able to observe your thoughts and feelings rather than judging them and automatically reacting to them. This can create a distance between your experience and yourself.

Part of the reason you may be feeling so lousy is due to the interpretation and judgement you place on your experiences. By taking a step back and observing through a mindfulness break, you can give yourself a chance to turn down all that negativity, reactivity, and noise and turn your day around.

Change Your Physiology

Changing your physiology can lead to mood changes says Tony Robbins. By changing your posture, facial expression, movement, or body temperature, you can experience a radical change to how you feel. So next time you feel lousy, try doing something different with your body.

What do you do to turn your day around?

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