What’s the Best Bed for Seniors After Surgery?

The best bed for seniors after surgery makes a difference in how they recuperate. When discussing which is the best bed for seniors after surgery, we have to take into account a few factors:

  • What type of surgery did the person have?
  • How much time should they be resting in bed?
  • Did the surgeon say which sleep position to adopt?


Surgery Types

There are many types of surgery, and each type required a different post op recuperation plan.

Back and spine surgery, hip replacement surgery, shoulder injury repair, surgery on the arm. These are a few types of surgery where the patient is required to rest up afterwards.

When meeting the surgeon, a patient should ask how long the expected rest time is following surgery. The patient can then decide if they need to make any major changes in the way they are sleeping. If the recovery is long or there will be permanent changes following surgery, a new bed might be an advisable. Alternatively, a patient might want to invest in a new mattress or simply acquire a support pillow.

Beds that Boost Recovery

The patient has to think about what is the best bed for a senior after surgery and ask themselves:

“In what way do I want my bed to help me recover?”

Allina Health gives practical advice for getting in and out of bed following surgery. Most probably, a patient would want a bed that is easy to get into and out of. The height of the bed should be low enough to climb into easily or adjustable. The patient could plan on using a small step-stool to assist.

Adjustable beds are another comfort-giving option. A patient can find just about everything they want to know online, about beds that help recovery. For instance, there are beds that come with massage options. The surgeon’s approval might be required for innovative beds.

Beds that raise the head/chest and legs have advantages that are not connected to surgery. These include averting reflux problems and helping circulation in the legs. Following surgery, therefore, it stands to reason that a good bed will help in a patient’s recovery.

Mattress Matters

A good mattress following surgery, should provide:

  • Support
  • Deep compression features
  • Be fairly firm
  • Suitable for an adjustable bed
  • Suits the patient’s personal sleep style

Many of the mattresses sold today come with a long trial period, and if it doesn’t suit the needs of the patient , the product can be returned. Carefully investigate mattresses for people following surgery, for those with back pain or specifically for spinal surgery. A patient will always have to take into account their body shape, health requirements and of course budget.

 Pillow Talk

Post op rest, following any surgery that requires a person to rest for more than a couple of days, will be improved by use of a support pillow. A patient needs a good sleep in order to recover well from surgery. It is probably worthwhile researching what is a good support pillow following each specific surgery type.

Support pillows come in a vast array of sizes and shapes. Visit sites where different types of pillows are assessed and evaluated. Many people find the new memory foam types of pillows, in their various forms, to be comfortable and supportive. Comforting feather pillows can be good, if they are firm enough.

One plus that comes with a support pillow is that it is portable. Where the patient goes, their pillow can go with them, be it post op rehab, going home or traveling for vacation.

To conclude, plan for the best bed for seniors after surgery, a good supportive mattress and/or a special supportive pillow.  can help a patient recover better, as part of a sensible post operative recuperation plan.


Disclaimer: This article does not recommend any particular product or service. An individual must consult their healthcare service provider as to their own needs and do their own due diligence before making any changes.