World Social Work Day 2019

Today is World Social Work Day 2019!

promoting the importance of human relationships world social work day

Okay, so why should you be so excited?

Here’s what the official Public Service Announcement (PSA) has to say.

While you may or may not identify with everything mentioned in the PSA, one thing is certain, when it comes to the social welfare, social workers are the address.

Human Relationships

This year’s theme highlights human relationships – “promoting the importance of human relationships.”

As an assisted living facility, Bridgeway of Bensenville is all about human relationships. When we say “every age” and “every stage we’re here for you,” we emphasize the we and you. So here’s to a special salute to social workers worldwide who help promote the importance of these human relationships so essential to our worldview. Thank you.

How can you celebrate this World Social Work Day?

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