7 Ways to Show Appreciation to your Nurse

They do it all. They’re on their feet all day: dispensing medication, offering comfort, or managing medical procedures. When they finally get to sit down, it’s only to tackle complex paperwork. Sometimes it seems we need more than just one week to express our appreciation for all they do.

It’s National Nurses Week, and patients everywhere salute and celebrate our wonderful nurses. At Bridgeway Senior Living we know our excellent nurses are essential to our residents’ well being, and we thank them for the loving devotion they invest every day.

Here are some ways you can show your appreciation to the incredible nurses in your life:

1. Say thank you, and mean it.

Nurses work unbelievably hard, and so often they don’t get any acknowledgement. Simply expressing your gratitude can make all the difference in a nurse’s day. You can write a sweet note, too, especially if you’re leaving the hospital or short-term care facility. Better than any grandiose gift, a sincere “thank you” can mean the world.

2. Treat your nurse with respect.

Nurses have to deal with a lot, but one thing they shouldn’t have to undergo is being demeaned by their patients. Respect your nurse: make eye contact and smile. Ask how her day is going and how she’s feeling. A warm hug will go a long way in helping your nurse feel appreciated.

3. Get them a coffee.

Which nurse doesn’t like coffee? A great way to show your appreciation is to get your nurse her favorite coffee every now and then. If you really want to show your love, consider gifting the nurse’s station with a single-serve coffee maker, such as a Keurig.

4. Or send them some candy.

If you or your loved one were just in the hospital or in a rehab facility, you likely had several different nurses caring for you. Thank them by sending the nurse’s station a box of candy, a tray of pastries, or some home-baked cookies.

5. Give her a pen.

Nurses never have enough pens. They need them for filling out paperwork, jotting down notes, or leaving messages for their coworkers. And for some reason, their pens constantly go missing. A pen is an excellent gift because you can go as expensive or cheap as you’d like… and you know your nurse will always appreciate it.

6. Treat her to some spa time.

Being a nurse involves lots of bending, stretching, and general hard work. Nurses often report terrible back pain at the end of a long shift. Treat your special nurse to a deep massage to relieve her aching muscles.

7. Be active in your recovery.

There’s nothing a nurse wants more than to see her patients recover. If you’re in rehab, cooperate with your nurses and follow your rehabilitation plan so you can heal from your injury or illness. Besides for getting your life back, you’ll be giving your nurses the spectacular gift of seeing your recovery.