Bridgeway Senior Living Community rehabilitation, Bensenville

Understanding Stroke Recovery

weights, a scale, and ball for rehabilitation

Understanding stroke recovery is necessary for anyone with a loved one in need of rehabilitation. This post clarifies some basics. As anyone who has experience a stroke will tell you, it is an excruciating experience that has long-lasting effects. What is a Stroke? Simply put, a stroke is when the brain doesn’t get blood and…

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Dealing With Disappointment

disappointed child

Life is full of moments. Some are exciting, some are so-so, and some are tough. Disappointment is a fact of life, and in many situations, there’s little or nothing you can do to control the outcomes. The main issue is learning how to cope because dealing with disappointment effectively will give you the strength and…

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Foods For An Upset Stomach

wooden man with upset stomach

An upset stomach can be upsetting. Puns aside, anyone who’s ever had a stomach ache knows that this can take you out of commission until it passes. According to the makers of Pepto Bismol, “Upset Stomach is caused when the mucosal cells in the lining of the stomach are irritated or inflamed. When you have…

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Charles Bonnet Syndrome

visual hallucination

Have you heard of Charles Bonnet syndrome (CBS)? If you suffer from vision loss and happen to have visual hallucinations, you’ll be glad to know about this. Hallucinations can be frightening especially because we typically associate them with psychosis, says Oliver Sacks in his Ted talk on the subject. However, these hallucinations are are different…

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Sudden Tiredness: What’s Making You Sleepy During The Day?

sleeping on desk over books

Do you ever feel tired during the day? like a sudden tiredness wave sweeps over you? Some sources of tiredness can be traced to poor sleep or side effects of medications or depression, and these can explain when you’re too tired too often. But sometimes you just can’t figure it out. Nothing really changed in…

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Choosing A Senior Living Facility

friendship and social

The Senior Community Dilemma One of the tougher dilemmas caregivers face is deciding whether to admit their loved ones into an assisted living facility. You may be grappling with finding the right one. Or you may be considering continuing to providing care at home. Either way, there’s likely much confusion and difficulty with making the…

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Headache Remedies


Headaches may not be one of the tougher conditions you’ve had to deal with. But, let’s face it, they can be quite annoying and make life a lot less pleasant. While headaches may be a symptom of a more serious condition, often they can be traced to simple cause that you can deal with here-and-now.…

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World Social Work Day 2019

promoting the importance of human relationships world social work day

Today is World Social Work Day 2019! Okay, so why should you be so excited? Here’s what the official Public Service Announcement (PSA) has to say. While you may or may not identify with everything mentioned in the PSA, one thing is certain, when it comes to the social welfare, social workers are the address.…

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Health Benefits Of Smiling

young man smiling

Did you know that there are health benefits of smiling? I you didn’t, you’ll be happy to know that there are and they’re quite impressive. And to top it off, you don’t need to buy anything or go anywhere. All it takes is moving your facial muscles a bit. Here are several health benefits of…

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