Choosing a Skilled Nursing Facility

People need skilled nursing facilities for many different reasons these days. Sometimes, they can no longer live safely at home and they need a place where they are able to have nursing care around the clock. Other times people have surgery or an illness which requires them to need more healing and sometimes rehabilitation before they go home due to shortened hospital stays. When this situation arises, it is best to look for a facility that best meets your needs. Here are some pointers on how to look for a facility that you can comfortably recover at.

 A good way to choose a facility is to take the time to go to the building and take a tour of the rooms and the rehabilitation area. This is a good way to gauge what the actual experience with them will be like. If you know that you will be needing surgery, it’s a good idea to tour facilities before- hand, even if you don’t think that you will need one. It’s better to be prepared than to feel overwhelmed at making a choice sight unseen. If you are not able to look at the facility yourself, have someone whose opinion you trust go and look for you.

You also want to understand if the facility accepts your insurance plan and what your copay and deductibles may be. Understanding this before committing to a stay will put you in a better position when it is time to go home and you are not getting any surprises. You can ask to speak with someone from admissions or billing when you are there to tour the building and they can answer these questions for you. When you are on the tour, you want to look around and see if the facility is quiet and free of any odors. Some places have rooms that you will share with another patient and some will have rooms that are private with their own bathroom. It is important that you let your preferences be known before it is the day that you are to be admitted.

Your physician may be a valuable resource to finding the right place for you. Facilities have doctors that visit them and make rounds with the patients on a regular basis. There may be a facility that your physician will go to and they will be able to monitor how you are progressing. Your physician may not go to that facility but maybe they have a doctor in their practice that goes there and they will be able to get frequent updates. If your physician does not go to the facility that you want to go to, you can choose to be followed by a staff physician or see if your physician is willing to see you there.

Hopefully, choosing a skilled nursing facility that is best for you or your loved one can be a pain free and easy task. Understanding what things to be aware of and what to look for is the key to making sure that you choose a facility that will help you recover quickly and have a relaxing experience at the same time.

Bridgeway Rehabilitation is a skilled nursing facility with therapy provided seven days a week. All of the rooms are single with a private bathroom for maximum comfort. Located conveniently in Bensenville, Bridgeway is part of a senior living community. For more information or to request a tour, please call 630-766-5800.