How to Decorate Your Assisted Living Studio

illustrative photo of comfortable bedroom

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If you are planning a move to Bridgeway Senior Living, or you recently moved in, you probably have some style choices to make. Your new room is basically a plain box, waiting for you to stamp your own style onto it.

You can either decorate the space in the same style as the home you’ve left, or you can go all out and decorate it how you always wanted to but were too scared to try. Since it’s a relatively small area and you don’t need much to spruce it up, you don’t have to put in a huge investment to make an impact on your room. Whatever you decide to do, you have the opportunity to design your new living space from scratch. Take your time with your decisions, and enjoy the process!

Here are some tips on decorating your new apartment:

First, work with what you have and personalize the decor.

In our post about downsizing, we recommended you plan what to bring from your old home based on the layout of your new space. Hopefully you’ve done that, and selected furniture, knickknacks, and artwork to perfectly fit your room. You want to make sure your room isn’t too cluttered, in case it needs to be wheelchair-accessible in the future.

After your furniture is arranged, you can put out the sentimental keepsakes and knickknacks you brought with you. Consider having shelves put up so you can display the items and photos that mean the most to you. Hang artwork and family photos in coordinating frames, to keep a consistent mood across your walls. If you have a lot of photos to display, you may want to group them as a collage on one wall.

Aim for stylish and practical.

Your room needs to be perfect for aging adults. Your favorite cushy chair that sucks you in when you sit down on it might be super-comfortable, but will get less and less practical as you age. If you really can’t part with it, consider adding a firmer cushion that doesn’t sink in as much. You may want to get an adjustable bed and use a pretty bed-skirt to soften the medical feel of it. Now’s your chance to get that glass-topped table you always wanted, just make sure there are no sharp edges that can cause injuries.

Add soothing elements.

Soft greens, yellows, and blues denote healing, so use those colors in your linens and artwork. Potted plants, besides for being excellent for your respiratory system, add color and life to any room. The sense of touch is often one of the strongest senses in aging seniors, so add some texture with lace doilies, plush throws, and embroidered pillows.

Make sure you have adequate lighting.

Your room comes equipped with lighting, but make sure you have a soft light to keep on overnight. If you need to get up for a drink or the bathroom, you need some light so you can avoid falls. Make sure you have a good night light, especially near the bathroom or kitchenette.

Moving to an assisted living community is an ex

citing and difficult change. Decorating your room can help ease the conflicting emotions of downsizing and add some fun to the stressful time.