entryThe American way of life has been recently challenged. Our nation has been experiencing a tough economic reality, and the dream of a “healthy” housing market has turned into a nightmare; hence, people are forced to make decisions under ambiguous circumstances. Especially the mainstream seniors, by definition anyone over 65 years of age, review current and future options of Living Lifestyles that will provide affordable, excellent Services and Amenities that will meet their needs.

Often, the decision to move into a community is delayed to the point that the individuals are not able to enjoy the lively environment of an Independent Living setting, and while being in denial, they require more personal care for their daily activities. Unfortunately, due to location and vocational dynamics, family members cannot assist their loved ones in presenting them with an appropriate solution without being influenced, occasionally misdirected, by the consultation of a Marketing or Sales Director.

Our Moral Compass, here at Bridgeway of Bensenville, guide us to create a suitable scenario with emphasis on what is good for the people we advise, not an egocentric methodology that contributes exclusively to our benefit. If it is not mutually beneficial, it is not a good transaction, deal, or contract; therefore, we do our best to be honest and respectful of our program values and the principles of humanity.

Undoubtedly, we can write a book about discovering the most outstanding residential place for one’s spiritual, cultural, physical and habitual environment; however, we will be synoptic in conveying the differences between the two main lifestyles we offer: The Independent Living and Assisted Living. Independent Living residents are the ones who can socialize freely, participate in various activities on their own will and accord without needing the assistance of others, require minimum maintenance and support with their daily living tasks, and have no major issues with mobility. Anyone who does not meet the aforementioned criteria is a good candidate to become an Assisted Living resident; nevertheless, there are issues that prevent one from moving forward with the right choice: financial, long term relationships, comfort zone, and most important, one’s personal perception.

From our professional point of view, we would like to take the time to review each case with compassion, understanding, diligence and profound appreciation of one’s life. Then, the solution we propose is based on the truth associated with Lifestyle principles rather than selling Real Estate. Furthermore, our Community is now offering a compassionate and comprehensive Memory Care program, Bridgeway Bell Memory Care, and we have expanded the Assisted Living program with 50 additional Assisted Living Floating License units.

Please give us a call at 630-766-0605 and ask for Clara Arbiser or John Apostle