The Internet as a Tool: How Seniors Can Use It to Improve their Lives

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The internet offers wonderful opportunities for learning, engaging in new causes, finding communities, and educating oneself and even earning extra cash! There are millions of online tutorials and lectures on any given subject or skill.  For seniors, the internet can seem overwhelming and even intimidating, but it can be a tool used to improve life and explore new territory.

Learning the Basics

There are several online resources to help seniors get acquainted with the internet if they aren’t already. As the Huffington Post reports, there are many communities across the country that offer beginner, intermediate computer or personal technology classes for people learning to navigate the internet. People can check their local libraries or local senior centers for possible classes that teach some of these skills. Some universities or colleges offer Lifelong Learning Institutes which offer an array of courses to retirees and seniors looking to learn new things.

The Internet as Entertainment

For seniors learning to surf the online universe can serve as a great way of entertainment and finding new hobbies. There are plenty of fun and free online games that are reminiscent of classic games and are favorites for seniors. Many of these games can also be played with your friends online, a great way to stay in touch.


  • Chess: For casual and avid chess players and enthusiasts. Playing online chess can be played against another opponent online or on your own.
  • Online Scrabble: Scrabble never gets old and offers hours of fun for all ages. This can also be played against several friends online. Get your friends together online for a classic game of scrabble.
  • Word Games: A variety of word games and word puzzles can be played online to keep the brain active
  • Video Games: Studies published in Science Daily claim that seniors that play video games report a greater sense of well being.
  • Memory Games: In order to keep your brain active there are plenty of online games like Lumosity, which are designed specifically to give the brain a good workout and maintain skills of critical thinking and recall.


The Internet as Education

The internet can be a gateway into an entirely new skill or occupation. Plenty of options online for people that are interested in trying new things. From doing basic maintenance on your car, to learning a new musical instrument, to learning tools needed to start a new part time job. Forbes writes that the first place to start when looking to change careers is, in fact, the internet.

Music Lessons

Whether you’ve always wanted to play the guitar, or pick up a pair of drumsticks, or learn classics on the piano, going online for free musical education can be a way to not only reap the mental health benefits of learning a new instrument, but to do something you always wanted to.

 New Career Opportunities

The internet can offer up some great resources to trying out new work opportunities and get you started in a new and exciting venture. A few examples can include:

  • Driver: Because of technology ride services like Uber and Lyft have become a popular way to make some extra cash.
  • Real Estate: Perhaps you are someone that loves meeting and helping different kinds of people. A great part time endeavor can include selling houses. As The Balance reports, it’s not uncommon for real estate agents to work part-time, as it offers a good cash pursuit on the side and works well for people with an open schedule.

The possibilities really are endless. The internet, when used effectively, is a great tool to improve one’s life and learn all kinds of new skills and disciplines.  Senior citizens don’t have to feel excluded from this new technology. In fact, they have as much to gain as anyone by exploring the online world and stimulating life with new knowledge and information.


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