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New Drugs Focusing On Curing Alzheimer’s Disease

New drugs are focusing on curing Alzheimer’s disease. In this new decade of the 2020’s, scientists are determined to find a cure for this intractable disease. Alzheimer’s researchers are testing a variety of potential treatments to help the almost 6 million Americans living with this fatal disease. At a recent meeting — the 12th annual…

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Health Awareness is Hot in November

What are National Health Observances? There are many health conditions that touch millions of Americans every year. During National Health Observances, we dedicate specific days, weeks, or months to raise awareness about important health topics and bring them into the public discourse. Every month has a range of different health observances, and we talk about…

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These Organizations Will Help You With Respite—For Free

Caring for a spouse, parent, or other loved one with Alzheimer’s Disease is a grueling experience. And yet, about 15.7 million Americans willingly give up their time, their homes, and their peace of mind for their loved ones stricken with Alzheimer’s or other dementia. The emotional and physical stress takes its toll after a while.…

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