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When You’re Too Tired Too Often

tired boy

Feeling tired often is unfortunately a reality for many seniors. The truth is that there can be multiple causes for feeling tired. The good news is that if you suffer from constant fatigue, there may be something you can do about it. The first step is to verify the exact causes of your tiredness. Here…

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5 Warning Signs Your Parents Can’t Live Alone Anymore

With all the talk about National Skilled Nursing Care, you might be wondering how to know when it’s time for the transition to a long-term care facility. If your parents live alone, you probably worry about them constantly. You visit them and make sure they have what they need, but it’s nerve-wracking to know they’re…

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Aerobic Exercise can Delay or Reduce Alzheimer’s Disease

A study published last week in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society links aerobic exercise to improvements in Alzheimer’s disease symptoms. The study was a meta-analysis that reviewed 19 previous studies on the effect of exercise on Alzheimer’s disease. The researchers found that aerobic exercise, in particular, has a “moderate favorable effect on cognitive…

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Elderly Hearing Loss: A Silent Epidemic Leads To Social Isolation

Elderly hearing loss is a silent epidemic that also leads to social isolation. Seniors avoid activities, drop out of life-long interests, and isolate away from friends. All because they simply can’t hear well enough in group situations.     Elderly: Can The Deaf Hear You? One method to keep hard of hearing seniors engaged is a…

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