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Elder Care Attorneys: 7 Questions to Ask Before You Hire One

Last time we talked about what elder care attorneys do and whether you need one. Today we’re going to go into some tips on how to hire the best elder law attorney for you and your family. Of course, hiring an attorney – any attorney – is like choosing a doctor, or a nursing home,…

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Elder Law Attorneys: Do We Need One?

Today we’re going to talk about what elder law attorneys do and why you might need one. What is elder law? If you’re a caregiver, then you don’t need to be told about the complicated financial, legal and medical issues that come up when you’re caring for an older adult. You know about it all,…

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Are You Too Generous For Your Own Good?

Many seniors live to spoil their children and grandchildren. Especially their grandchildren. There’s something so satisfying about sending gifts—large and small—to the people who will carry on your legacy. You’re in retirement and your expenses won’t go up that much, you think. So why not help Junior buy his first car, or contribute generously to Granddaughter’s…

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