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Not Doing This can Raise your Blood Pressure

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a serious medical condition. It increases your risk of heart disease, stroke, and death. Medical guidelines say hypertension is blood pressure chronically above 130/80 mmHG. High blood pressure is a national problem, with around 85 million people in the US having it. There are many different causes of high…

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Telemedicine: Pros and Cons (But Mostly Pros)

Visiting the doctor has taken on a whole new meaning with the rise of telemedicine, or virtual health care. While telemedicine is still in its infancy, experts predict it will explode in the next five years.  But for those of us who have spent a lifetime visiting our doctors in their offices, virtual health care…

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Best Diet In The World: It’s Called Sunlight Of Course

Best Diet? Sure, you can take your pick from thousands that are touted as the best. Indeed, it seems that a new diet comes out every week. And it’s promoted as the one that will take that weight off and really keep it off. Well, now, a new study A new study by researchers at the University of…

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