Tips on How to Beat the Heat

Summer is here and that means that high temperatures and sunny days are here too. Seniors are especially at risk for heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Many seniors are not able to distinguish changes in temperatures. They may have underlying medical conditions or take medications that increase risk for dehydration. Below are some tips that can help stay safe and cool.

Drink Plenty of Liquids
Many times, the effects of the heat are exacerbated by the lack of fluids. Sometimes seniors will not feel thirsty. It is important to drink fluids even if the feeling of thirst is not there.

Wear Cool Clothing
It is best to wear loose fitting clothing that is light in color. Avoid dark colors and clothes that are tight or restricting.

Stay Indoors During the Mid-Day Hours
The sun is the hottest during the mid-day hours and outside activities should be arranged to avoid being outside during these hours. Schedule activities for the early morning and late afternoon.

Spend Time in Air  Conditioned Places
Spend the day in an air conditioned space, whether it be your home, a cooling center, or a friend or family member’s home. This will prevent you from getting too hot and overheating.

Check on Seniors That You Know
If you know anyone that lives alone or doesn’t have air conditioning in their home, make sure that you check on them to make sure that they are ok.

Know the Signs and Symptoms of Heat Related Illnesses
Knowing what to look for will help you see the signs when they first arise. If you notice any signs of dizziness, chest pains, headache, nausea, fainting or breathing problems seek help immediately.

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