Ways for Seniors to Stay Active

The best way to way to prevent injuries and to keep healthy is to stay active as much as possible. Not only is activity good for you physically, it’s also good to keep you mentally sharp. This can sometimes seem like a challenging task but there are ways to make it easy and fun.

  1. Visit your local community group. Many communities have centers where all are welcome and there is also something going on. This can include exercise classes, trips, and special events that will make being active and mingling with others in the community easy.
  2.  Channel your inner child. There are many ways to get outside and play a game. You can play bean bag games, hula hoop, or even skip. If you have a smart phone, you can play Pokemon Go, which enc1.ourages users to walk to look for wild animals that you “catch” with your phone.
  3. Get a furry friend. Adopt a dog that is a little older and you will have a good reason to take walks around your neighborhood. A game of catch doesn’t hurt too!
  4. Find a pool. Swimming is a great activity and is easy on joints. This helps those that may have pain from arthritis and other joint problems. If your park district or gym has an indoor pool, it’s an activity that you can do rain or shine.
  5. Start a garden. Start a garden and not only will you have a way to stay active, you will have as many fresh vegetables that you can grow. If you don’t have room for a garden, you can plant vegetables in pots or find a community garden where you can add your talents to a group in the community.