Bridgeway Senior Living Calendars

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Even with the global pandemic, we are ensuring that our residents continue to participate in activity. We continue to take precautions and practice social distancing for these activities.

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Best Ways to Have Fun with a Senior in an Assisted Living Facility

According to a recent study, the number of seniors living in assisted care facilities number over 700,000. If you have a family member living in one of these facilities, you can still have fun and meaningful times with them by visiting them on a regular basis and participating in activities that they like. It’s also…

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The Best Part-Time Jobs for Seniors

This article was exclusively written by our friend Sharon Wagner of Seniorfriendly.ino, for our Bridgeway readers. Thank you Sharon! It’s become increasingly common for Americans to work into their 70s, well after the standard retirement age of 65, and there are many advantages. The added money a part-time job brings can help alleviate fears about…

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