Everyday Self-Care for Seniors on a Budget

This article is specifically for our Bridgeway readers courtesy of Sheila Olsen from Fit Shelia.


It’s never too late to make changes to your daily routine, especially if it will result in a healthier you and more vibrant golden years. If you handle the modifications carefully, you’ll avoid any shocks to your system or your budget. Here’s how you can make every dollar count when you’re investing in your health.


Sleep Deprivation Doesn’t Help


One way you can save money on health care is by simply getting enough sleep. Older adults generally need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night, so that’s what you should be aiming for. According to Medical News Today, a lack of sleep can affect your ability to focus and remember things. It can lead to depression and feelings of anxiety too. Over the long term, if you’re not sleeping well you can experience weight gain, issues with diabetes and even heart problems. To get a good night’s sleep, make sure your bedroom is comfortable and dimly lit, and work on a bedtime routine. If nothing works to help you sleep better, consult your doctor so they can check you for any underlying conditions that could be affecting you.


Change Your Eating Habits


As an older adult, you have to pay special attention to what you eat because of your changing nutritional needs. Generally, you’ll need more Vitamin D and Calcium to strengthen your bones as well as Vitamin C to build your immune system. While you need protein to help with maintaining your muscles, you have to be careful about which meats you eat. It might seem overwhelming initially, but keeping track of what you need and staying on budget gets easier when you have a plan. According to FirstLight Home Care, seniors who want to eat healthily while on a budget should make a comprehensive meal plan and buy the foods used most often in bulk. It also helps to use coupons and take advantage of senior discounts at your local grocery store.


Practice Home-Based Exercise


While it can be good to get out of the house and get some exercise, it’s not always possible. So it’s important to have a backup plan so you don’t miss out on the benefits of physical activity just because you’re at home. According to Nurse Next Door, some great exercises you can do at home are chair squats and wall sits. You can even incorporate a few senior-friendly yoga poses into your exercise routine. This can help you work on your balance and muscle strength. Meditation is not as physically intensive but its positive impact on your stress level influences your body’s ability to fight diseases. Better yet, you don’t need any special, expensive equipment to meditate, just a quiet room and a comfortable cushion to sit on.


Save While You Shop


One of the best places for you to get your supplies while you’re trying to save is Target. According to a guide from Rakuten, which includes 17 tips for saving at target, the REDcard can get you some excellent savings. As a cardholder, you’ll save 5% off your purchases and free shipping for the items you buy from Target.com. Using the Target app is another great way to get discounts on what you need to purchase. It contains many coupons exclusive to app users and REDcard holders, and all you have to do is scan one barcode to apply the discounts.


You may have more specialized needs because you’re a senior but that shouldn’t mean you have to throw your budget out the window. When it comes to your everyday self-care, the best thing you can do is make gradual adjustments to your routine and make use of savings where you can.



Photo courtesy of Pexels