Information On Respite Care For Alzheimer’s Patients

What is Respite Care?

Respite care is a short term relief for the primary caregiver.

The caregiver also needs a break or a “respite’ from time to time, in order to recharge his/her batteries.

The ability to take a break is especially vital for the primary caregiver of an individual suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s is a devastating illness that requires a continual level of supervision and assistance with daily living activities.

Since the disease is a progressive, degenerative and neurological disease that affects the brain, it is difficult for the patient to offer any kind of feedback to the caregiver. The demand for a heightened level of care, less the ability to provide any kind of feedback, creates an intense and emotional stress for the caregiver.

What is A Caregivers Respite Care Assistance Program?

A Caregivers Respite Care Assistance Program is designed to help family caregivers learn about and experience the importance of respite care services when the family is providing primary caregiving services for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia. Different States offer different iterations of this program.

To be accepted into these types of respite programs, the primary caregiver and the person with Alzheimer’s disease must live together full time and must typically submit a physician’s certification and an application.

The family caregiver is typically responsible for the selection and arrangement of respite care services. All services must be through a licensed agency to qualify for reimbursement. Respite services may be in:

  • In-home Services – Personal care services provided in the home by certified home health aides employed and supervised by a licensed health care services agency.
  • Adult Day Care Centers – care provided in a licensed medical or social adult day care program by a trained staff. A typical day might include socialization with others, moderate exercise and activities, light meals and assistance with personal care
  • Overnight Care – temporary placement in a licensed skilled nursing facility to allow the caregiver to travel, receive medical care, or have a complete rest