Seniors Need to Socialize

Many retired adults find themselves feeling bored and listless throughout the day. Joining a vibrant senior living community like Bridgeway of Bensenville can help with loneliness and atrophying mental capacity.  Social interaction has many benefits for seniors, particularly those retired or living alone.

If you’re concerned about your elderly parent or loved one living alone, consider helping them move to a senior living arrangement nearby.

Why Socialize?

For seniors, just leaving their home and getting out into fresh air stimulates their senses and provides a burst of energy. Add in some entertainment or friendly company, and it can leave participants feeling invigorated for the rest of the day. There is also the physical activity of group workouts, which keep seniors feeling young and energetic. Regular exercise adds flexibility and helps them tackle day to day tasks more efficiently.

In addition, when people socialize with others, especially with their contemporaries, they feel more satisfied at the end of the day. Talking to people in similar situations is enjoyable and therapeutic. It helps alleviate some of the struggles of growing old, and makes them feel less alone.

Another great benefit of structured social interaction is the crafting activities held at assisted living facilities. Members of group activities often leave with a completed project such as hand-sewn dolls, ceramics, or paintings. This contributes to feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Socializing keeps the brain young. Living in a shared environment, joining conversations, and engaging in activities adds structure to the day. Such a setting makes it almost impossible to lapse into inactivity and listlessness. Senior living communities give residents the chance to make real friendships in their golden years.

It’s Science

Besides for all the anecdotal evidence, scientific studies have shown that older adults who consistently interact with others scored higher on cognitive tests. It was also shown that social interaction between healthy adults has no negative outcomes.

The unique advantage of a senior living community is that residents are able to be as independent as they wish, but they also have a built-in social life to enhance their physical and mental health.