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It’s Our Month!

It’s time to celebrate us—the older Americans! Every May, the U.S. Administration on Aging celebrates Older Americans Month. The theme chosen by the AoA for this year’s Older Americans Month is “Engage at Every Age.” At Bridgeway Senior Living, we know that means you’re never too old to for new, enriching experiences. Our robust retirement community…

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What’s On Your Bucket List?

Do you have a bucket list? It’s a list of experiences or achievements you want to have or accomplish in your lifetime. Some common bucket list items are skydiving, running a marathon, or visiting all 50 states. But they don’t have to be spectacular, showy feats. You might want to create a list that will…

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Action Planning: Reaching Your Goals In Manageable Steps

Action planning can help a patient reach their goal in small manageable steps. Most goals are daunting, such as losing weight, stop smoking, or stop drinking too much. Here are some action strategies that will help you reach your goal.     Action Planning: Let Patients Make The Decisions It’s critical that patients choose both…

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