Strokes Can Happen To Anyone From Lesser Known Factors


Strokes can happen from excessive smoking, high blood pressure, not exercising, and eating foods that are high in sugar salt, and fat. What is less well known is that strokes can also happen from lesser known factors such as sleep deprivation, bad oral hygiene and binge drinking. Do you engage in any of these activities?…

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It’s Our Month!

It’s time to celebrate us—the older Americans! Every May, the U.S. Administration on Aging celebrates Older Americans Month. The theme chosen by the AoA for this year’s Older Americans Month is “Engage at Every Age.” At Bridgeway Senior Living, we know that means you’re never too old to for new, enriching experiences. Our robust retirement community…

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Aerobic Exercise can Delay or Reduce Alzheimer’s Disease

A study published last week in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society links aerobic exercise to improvements in Alzheimer’s disease symptoms. The study was a meta-analysis that reviewed 19 previous studies on the effect of exercise on Alzheimer’s disease. The researchers found that aerobic exercise, in particular, has a “moderate favorable effect on cognitive…

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